2023 COH Benefit Guide (Final)

10 Every change has its challenges. Follow these best practices for a smooth transition. Tips for a successful start: 1. Refill your prescription right before the effective date so you have a full supply on hand. Most plans allow you to refill your prescriptions before you completely run out. 2. Once your new plan starts, don’t fill your first prescription going into a weekend, a holiday, or right before your vacation. Please fill with at least 3 business days to spare so our team can solve any scenarios that may pop up. 3. Call your pharmacy before you pick up your first fill on the new plan to give them your new plan information and confirm your cost before you’re standing in line. 99% of pharmacy calls ARORx receives during implementation are due to pharmacies running old plan information. 4. Call ARORx for assistance. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact ARORx 24/7 at 833-306-4092. After the effective date, if you receive a new prescription from your doctor: After the effective date (January 1, 2023), if you receive a new prescription from your doctor: ’s c le s. 1. Call the pharmacy before picking up the new drug to confirm your cost. 2. When the pharmacy runs your prescription in their system, they will be notified if it’s a drug you’ll need to fill through ARORx. 3. Contact ARORx to start the process immediately, or ARORx will contact you the following business day.