2023 COH Benefit Guide (Final)

9 Price Drug & Find Pharmacy. After creating your account, utilize the “Price Drug & Find Pharmacy” to search for different pharmacies and pricing in your area. High Cost Drug Program. Did you know the cost of drugs has increased up to 5,000% in the past 5 years and 2% of claimants account for 40-50% of overall spending? ARORx’s high cost drug service reduces cost on drug spend for you and your employer, often getting your high cost medication for free & delivered right to your door. To find out if you’re taking a high cost drug, take a look at page 11 & 12. If you see your Rx on the list, contact ARORx at 833-306-4092 by November 1, 2022 to set up your new fill process. Be sure to engage with ARORx promptly to ensure timely processing and no disruption to your fill. See page 5 for high cost drug program details. If you’re not taking a high cost drug, continue to use the same retail pharmacy at the same copays as before. So what’s different (continued)?